Semikron Rectifier Diode DIODE 320A 1.8KV DO-205 SKR 240/16

This is a new set of Stud Diode (Rectifier Diode) Part Number: SKR240/16 from Semikron.

  • Reverse voltages up to 1800V
  • Hermetic metal case with glass insulator
  • Threaded stud ISO M16 x 1,5
  • SKR: Cathode to Stud

Typical Applications:

  • All-purpose mean power rectifier diodes
  • cooling via heatsinks
  • Non-Controllable and half-controllable rectifiers
  • Free-wheeling diodes
  • Recommed snubber network: RC: 0,5uF , 30Ohms (Pr = 2W), Rp = 50Kw (Pr = 20W)



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