OSCON 6SS220M+T SS Series 220uF 6.3V Electrolyte Capacitors


6SS220M+T SS Series Series 220uF 6.3V Electrolyte Capacitors. OS-CON has a large capacitance, low ESR and long life due to the use of polymerized organic semi-conductor. With its low ESR and outstanding frequency characteristics, OS-CON is used as smoothing capacitors in switching power supply and varied noises are eliminated. Compared to other electrolytes capacitors, OS-CON has high conductivity (low resistance value) and it stable against temperature change. The SC Series OS-CON is suitable for noise limiters and switching power supplies that make a point of high frequency characteristics.

  • OS-CON is a low ESR Capacitor
    • The impedance frequency characteristics show a near perfect curve. Ideal to use as a decoupling capacitor for removing noise such as ripple, spike, digital, static and other audio noises.
    • Able to flow large ripple current. Ideal for miniaturization, as a smoothing capacitor in switching power supply.
    • Able to discharge rapidly. Ideal for use as back-up capacitor in circuit where large current is consumed at high speed
  • ESR of OS-CON is not dependent on temperature
    • Ideal for devices that have low temperature specification (0 or less)
  • OS-CON has long life
    • Expect up to 50, 000 hours at 85° C (SH Series)
    • Ideal for industrial devices that shall be used for a long period

  • Package: Size code E, Diameter 3.5mm, Pitch Size: 8.0±0.5 (mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -55° C to +105
  • Leaded, Non-Rohs


SS Series Datasheet
Electrical Characteristic
OS-CON Applications
Precautions when using OS-CON


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