OSCON 10SA68M SA Series 68uF 10V Electrolyte Capacitors


10SA68M SA Series Series 68uF 10V Electrolyte Capacitors. The legs for these capacitors are blend for production use and we have straighten back again. OS-CON has a large capacitance, low ESR and long life due to the use of polymerized organic semi-conductor. With its low ESR and outstanding frequency characteristics, OS-CON is used as smoothing capacitors in switching power supply and varied noises are eliminated. Compared to other electrolytes capacitors, OS-CON has high conductivity (low resistance value) and it stable against temperature change. The SA Series OS-CON is suitable for switching power supplies.

  • OS-CON is a low ESR Capacitor
    • The impedance frequency characteristics show a near perfect curve. Ideal to use as a decoupling capacitor for removing noise such as ripple, spike, digital, static and other audio noises.
    • Able to flow large ripple current. Ideal for miniaturization, as a smoothing capacitor in switching power supply.
    • Able to discharge rapidly. Ideal for use as back-up capacitor in circuit where large current is consumed at high speed
  • ESR of OS-CON is not dependent on temperature
    • Ideal for devices that have low temperature specification (0 or less)
  • OS-CON has long life
    • Expect up to 50, 000 hours at 85° C (SH Series)
    • Ideal for industrial devices that shall be used for a long period

  • Package: Size code D, Diameter 6.30mm, Pitch Size: 2.5±0.5 (mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -55° C to +105
  • Leaded, Non-Rohs


SA Series Datasheet
Electrical Characteristic
OS-CON Applications
Precautions when using OS-CON


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