Nippon CHEMI-CON U767D Large Tubulars Automotive E-Capacitor


Nippon CHEMI-CON U767D Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Designed for Automotive 36V and 42V Systems, P/N: E767500VGS152MQ29C (1500uF 50V). This capacitors offers wide voltage range, long life, high capacitance and high ripple current capability. It reduces the sizes, weight and cost for high performance automotive 36V and 42V Systems. Guarantee continuous 3000 hours operation at 125° C and 12,000 hours operation at 105° C. It comes in standard three leads (keyed polarity) radial vertical mounting.

  • Large Tubulars
  • High +125° C
  • Designed for Automotive 36V and 42V Systems
  • Vibration Resistant

  • Package: 25.4mm x 29mm (Diameter x Height)
  • Operating Temperature: -55° C to +125
  • Maximum ESR is 47.8(mΩ) at +25° C, 20Khz~100Khz
  • Maximum Impedance is 59.8(mΩ) at +25° C, 20Khz~100Khz
  • Maximum Rated Ripple Current is 8.5(A rms) at +55° C, 20khz
  • Leaded, Non-Rohs


U767D Series Datasheet


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