NEC TOKIN FYD Series SuperCapacitors 1.4F 5.5V FYD0H145Z


NEC FYD Series 1.4 Farad 5.5V, P/N: FYD0H145Z SuperCapacitors. FYD Series supercapacitors occupies small area due to its small diameter. These capacitors are ideal as long-time backup devices for minute-current loads in small and lightweight systems.

  • Excellent voltage holding characteristics ideal for backup of 1uA to several hundred uA.
  • Smaller than other super capacitors (25% less than FS series in volume)
  • Capacitance ranges from 0.01F to 2.2F

  • Backup of CMOS microcomputers, static RAMs, DTS (digital tuning systems).
  • Memory backup of remote controllers and handy cassette player during battery exchange.

  • Package: 21.5 x 19.0 mm (Diameter x Height), Pitch Size: 7.62±0.5 (mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -25° C to +70° C
  • Max. Current at 30 minutes (1 kHz): 2.1 mA
  • Max. ESR (at 1 kHz): 45Ω
  • Voltage Holding Characteristic Min. (V): 4.2V
  • Leaded, Non-Rohs


FYD Series Datasheet

More Information of SuperCapcitor at WIKI


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