KTM126412 Glory Sound Graphical LCD 128x64

GlorySound Monochrome Graphical LCD 128x64 dots P/N: KTM126412.

This part is suitable for projects that requires graphical information display. We are unable to find the complete datasheets for this part, but we have already trace the circuit and found a similar part with same pin-out as this part. This part does not comes with backlight and requires external -10V DC for LCD Supply Voltage.

To make implementation simpler we have INCLUDED 2 x SI7661 negative voltage convert IC for the -10VDC supply. Pin layout of the LCD would be provided, this LCD is using Samsung KS0108 and KS0107B LCD Drivers.

Sales Include

  • 1 x Glorysound Monochrome graphical LCD 128x64 P/N: KTM126412
  • 2 x SI7661 negative voltage converter in DIP-8 Package
  • 1 x Zebra strip cable as shown in the picture
  • PICDEMO Board is not Included in the sale


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