ATC KIT 32T RF/Microwave Capacitors Design Kit 0.1~2pF DK0032T

This is a sale for 1 SET of 600F Series Ultra-low ESR High Q Microwave Capacitors with 16 different values (15 pcs min. per value) from 1.0pF to 10pF RF Capacitors from ATC (American Technical Ceramics) KIT 32, DK0032T.

Package Contents:

  1. +/- 0.1% (0.1pF, 0.2pF, 0.3pF, 0.4pF, 0.5pF, 0.6pF, 0.7pF, 0.8pF, 0.9pF, 1.0pF, 1.1pF, 1.2pF, 1.5pF)
  2. +/-0.25% (1.6pF, 1.8pF, 2.0pF)


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